Green & Smart Shipping Seminar
Friday, 13 February 2015, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore
I.Development of LNG fuelled ships (natural gas engines) as an example of collaboration with Industries + ClassNK + Government +Universities in Japan

Dr. Koji Takasaki,
Technical Advisor, ClassNK,
Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Sciences, Kyushu University

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II.The role of MTI as a R&D company which aims to assist ship owners / operators

Mr. Tamio Kawashima,
Managing Director,
MTI (Monohakobi Technology Institute)

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III.Role of academia in Green & Smart shipping and METB initiative

Dr. Prapisala Thepsithar,
Senior Scientist,
Energy Research Institute @ NTU (Nanyang Technological University)

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IV.Modeling and Simulations – Enabling Green & Smart Shipping

Dr. Kang Chang Wei,
Deputy Department Director,
Fluid Dynamics,
IHPC (Institute of High Performance Computing)

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V.Yanmar's Innovation and New Product Development for “Beautiful Harmony with Global Environment”

Mr. Yasuyuki Takahata,
Exective Engineer, Chief Manager,
Development Dept., Large Power Products Operations Division,

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VI.ClassNK R&D Activities in Singapore, Collaborations and Policies

Y.F Wang,
Manager, Global Research and Innovation Centre,
ClassNK Singapore

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Closing Comments

Dr. Tatsuo Takaishi, Associate Director,
Deputy General Manager, Maritime Innovation Japan

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